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Amateur Telescope Primer
Online guide for first-time telescope buyers explaining telescope basics and detailing accessories, useful software and more.

(Added: 01/03/05))

Amateur telescopes TAL from Russia
Russian telescopes, binoculars and accessories for amateur astronomers manufactured at Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant.

(Added: 04/04/01))

Astronomical Observatories in Spain
The most important astronomical observatories in Spain

(Added: 06/17/05))

Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting scopes, CCD equipment and more from Celestron.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Clear Skies Equipment Guide
Guide to astronomy equipment, including reviews and info on telescopes, binoculars and accessories. Well organized and easy to find, with a Great Search Engine that searches ALL the site!

(Added: 12/27/00))

Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
This page is dedicated to providing reviews of astronomical scopes and equipment as written by experienced observers in the amateur astronomy community.

(Added: 12/27/00))

DAF-trade & Novosibirsk Instrument-making plant
"DAF-trade" company is the strategic commercial partner of Novosibirsk Instrument-making plant. The level of our partnership relations allows us to perform sales and deliveries with high service level under the advantageous terms to any country.

(Added: 08/29/01))

Equipment Reviews by Steve
Reviews of quite a few telescopes and accessories, all presumably owned (or previously owned) for a personal touch.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Equipment Talk
With the help of many other dynamite amateur astronomers, we have put together a series of FAQs/ARTICLES that will undoubtably steer you in the right direction when it comes to "quality" observing of the skies.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting scopes, CCD equipment and more from Meade.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Nexstar 11 GPS Astronomy
Site dealing with the Nexstar11GPS telescope. Tips, rumors, general information.

(Added: 05/18/02))

Night VIsion Goggles & Scopes
OpticsHQ stocks hundreds of Night Vision Goggles like the PVS-7 , Night Vision Binoculars like the D-321, Night Vision Rifle Scopes like the D-740, Night Vision Spotting Scopes like the MiNi-14 which can also be mounted on a rifle. We are proud to carry ITT Night Vision, KAPS Rifle Scopes, Litton, Night Optics, and other well known vendors and manufactures.

(Added: 01/11/05))

Observing with a Small Telescope
Find out what you can see through a small telescope by reading observing reports from other astronomers. Plus celestial events, moon phase, links and more....

(Added: 12/27/00))

Portable Telescopes
Site describing telescopes to be taken traveling. Trip to Australia, to Aruba for solar eclipse.

(Added: 04/22/02))

Purchasing Amateur Telescopes FAQ
Purchasing amateur telescopes FAQ.

(Added: 12/27/00))

So, you want to buy a telescope?
A guide to purchasing your first telescope.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Portable power packs and batteries for your telescope's computer driven system and then some.

(Added: 12/27/00))

SUE PA Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant
manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and accessories, binucular, monocular, night vision devices, optical sight and meny other products

(Added: 11/27/01))

Telescope Rankings by User Votes
Users submit their votes to rank various telescopes.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Save on brand name telescopes from the industry leader

(Added: 06/03/09))

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