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On Astronomy Day, wish upon a star and send cute and bright wishes to add sparkle to the days of friends/ family/ colleagues and loved ones.

(Added: 03/31/05))

An Atlas of the Universe
Contains maps of the universe, zooming out from the nearest stars to the scale of the Galaxy and onwards to the surrounding superclusters and out to the entire visible universe.

(Added: 12/30/00))

Astro Info
Try a taste of astronomy with a Swiss flavor. Highlights of this site include the Interactive Observer, daily planetary and stargazing highlights, a photo archive, plus details on star parties and other events.

(Added: 12/28/00))

Astro Lounge
Good site for anyone with an interest in astronomy. Gives descriptions of current topics in astronomy, in addition to forums and links.

(Added: 04/01/01))

Get the facts on the planets; read the folklore of the moon and the constellations; and check out trivia on the solar system, deep space and space history.

(Added: 12/28/00))

News, Stories, Photos, Weather, for beginners, Calendar and more!

(Added: 12/27/00))

Astronomy and the Universe news, articles, and resources, for amateur astronomers or anyone interested in the cosmos updated daily. Written in a style to educate and inspire.

(Added: 08/29/09))

Bad Astronomy
Are all stars white? Can a comet streak across the sky in a few seconds? Find out if these and other space-related statements are fact or just bad science.

(Added: 12/28/00))

Buran Space Shuttle
Detailled site on the Buran space shuttle and its launcher Energia. Contains numerous photos, videos, explanatory, and schematics.

(Added: 11/07/06))

Christian Sky
Website depicts constellations that tell the stories of the Christian faith.

(Added: 04/28/05))

CoolScopes.com has astronomy related information, including telescopes, eyepieces, and astrophotography. We have astronomy related forums for your questions. We also have astronomy classified ads where you can buy, sell, and trade used equipment.

(Added: 07/26/07))

DM Math
Articles and resources about dmmath

(Added: 04/04/05))

The eSpaceTickets.com space tourism program has been designed for the smallest of businesses to the largest multi-national corporations to show their support for the future of space tourism travel. Play Space Tourism OPOLY and win a variety of space tourism prizes.

(Added: 04/26/01))

Hands-On Universe
Students from around the world can request observations from an automated telescope, download images from an impressive image archive, and analyze the data with the aid of user-friendly, image-processing software. Participants must register first.

(Added: 12/28/00))

Knowing the universe and its secrets
The evolution of stars, from their birth to their death as supernovae and black holes. Also pages about the evolution of galaxies.

(Added: 05/25/02))

NJ Night Sky
Amateur Astronomy and Telescope Building for beginners and up. New discussion forums, Astronomy directory and Astronomy calendars are now available.

(Added: 11/30/01))

Puzzles with polyhedra and numbers
In this site one can print copies of polyhedron puzzles (for non-commercial purposes only) and one can read several mathematical articles on the subject.

(Added: 10/27/02))

Sky & Telescope
News, Sights, Tips, Imaging, Resources and much much more!

(Added: 12/27/00))

SkyScopes Astronomy Information and Products
SkyScopes is a great place for Astronomy Information or Products. You can study where the future began.

(Added: 01/11/01))

Space & Flight
Meet other space fanatics by chatting on a message board or joining a mailing list for space, astronomy and aviation. Plus news, events and a section for kids.

(Added: 12/28/00))

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