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Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE)
Online data, documentation, instruments, news, and more.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics
X-ray spectroscopy of astrophysical plasmas, especially the analysis of discrete features such as emission lines and absorption edges.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Ask a High Energy Astronomer
Lots of people have all sorts of questions about things such as black holes, quasars, dark matter, and so much more. But they don't ask because they don't know who to ask or don't want to look silly or aren't sure how to ask. Now you can ask a question about high-energy science from the privacy of your own computer!

(Added: 12/26/00))

California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics
Basic research in electrodynamics, relativity, gravitation, inertia, and the zero-point field of the quantum vacuum.

(Added: 12/26/00))

CATS Database
Astrophysical CATalogs support System.

(Added: 12/26/00))

CMB Astrophysics Research
Ongoing research in the George Smoot Astrophysics Group.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Commonly Used Astrophysics Acronyms
NASA brings you commonly used Astrophysics Acronyms.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Geometrical Physics
Astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Petit presents his research in physics, cosmology, astronomy and mathematics. In French and English.

(Added: 12/26/00))

High Energy Astrophysics
The HEASARC is a source of gamma-ray, X-ray, and extreme ultraviolet observations of cosmic (non-solar) sources.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Imagine the Universe!
dedicated to discussion about the universe, how it is evolving, and the kinds of objects and phenomena it contains. A service of NASA's High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Introduction to Cosmology
Answers general questions.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Mapping the Universe
Using techniques drawn from the analysis of music, astronomers have been studying how galaxies form into progressively larger groupings.

(Added: 12/26/00))

MIT Space Plasma Group
The MIT Space Plasma Group was originally founded by Professor Herbert Bridge and Professor Bruno Rossi.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
Illustrated introduction to modern observational cosmology and the Big Bang Model. Includes FAQs and cosmological fads and fallacies.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Ultimate Physics & Astronomy Reference & Education Online Source.

(Added: 12/27/00))

SIMBAD Astronomical Database
Brings together basic data, cross-identifications, observational measurements, and bibliography, for celestial objects outside the solar system: stars, galaxies, and nonstellar objects within our galaxy, or in external galaxies.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Space Time Mass
The fabric of space-time is another state of matter and hence it has equivalent mass. The missing mass of the Universe is in the space-time itself that fills the cosmos.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Dedicated to amateur redshift measurements. This site gives information on spectroscope construction, software processing, data examples, and more.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Structure and Evolution of the Universe
NASA's quest to understand the Universe: its evolution, structure and ultimate fate.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Astronomer's Telegram
Resource for reporting and commenting on new astronomical observations in the astrophysics community.

(Added: 12/26/00))

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