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Hands-On Universe
Students from around the world can request observations from an automated telescope, download images from an impressive image archive, and analyze the data with the aid of user-friendly, image-processing software. Participants must register first.

(Added: 12/28/00))

Space & Flight
Meet other space fanatics by chatting on a message board or joining a mailing list for space, astronomy and aviation. Plus news, events and a section for kids.

(Added: 12/28/00))

Space news, missions, photos, stuff for kids and more!

(Added: 12/28/00))

Kids can launch into space on this instructive tour of the universe, compliments of schoolteachers in Evans, Ga. Enjoy high-quality pictures of the planets, information on space phenomena and a QuickTime movie on the formation of the solar system.

(Added: 12/28/00))

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