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Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies
Comprehensive tabulation of Dr. Halton C. Arp's list of peculiar galaxies with supporting material for amateur astronomers.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Astronomy and the Universe news, articles, and resources, for amateur astronomers or anyone interested in the cosmos updated daily. Written in a style to educate and inspire.

(Added: 08/29/09))

CCD Images of Galaxies
Images of Galaxies.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Determining the distances to nearby galaxies
Determining the distances to nearby galaxies.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Galaxies Behind the Milky Way
Over a fifth of the universe is hidden from view, blocked by dust and stars in the disk of our galaxy. But over the past few years, astronomers have found ways to peek through the murk.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Journey Through the Galaxy
Information on stars, planets, nebula, and many other interesting things that are contained in this cluster of stars that we call The Milky Way.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Multiwavelength Milky Way
Images of the sky near the Galactic plane in spectral lines and continuum bands spanning a frequency range of more than 14 orders of magnitude.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
An international effort to map the interstellar matter in a large swath of our own Milky Way Galaxy at high resolution.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Galaxy Catalog
A collection of digital images of nearby galaxies.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Small Magellanic Cloud
Covering what is known about the galaxy, and observations of objects within the galaxy. Provides information to help observe the SMC, including maps, atlases, and history.

(Added: 12/26/00))

US Astronomy's Collection of Galaxy Pairs
US Astronomy's Collection of Galaxy Pairs and interacting galaxies images.

(Added: 12/26/00))

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