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Space Today Online
Get informed about the hottest topics in space exploration with these links to space station construction news, shuttle launch dates, mission summaries and more.

(Added: 12/28/00))

Space Weather
Current weather condtions in space, great site!

(Added: 12/27/00))

Space news, missions, photos, stuff for kids and more!

(Added: 12/27/00))

STAR Astronomy
STAR Astronomy is an non-profit amateur astronomy club in Monmouth County New Jersey, dedicated to observation, telescope making, and education. We meet monthly, and welcome new members, and the public in general.

(Added: 01/05/01))

SUBARU - the Ultimate Astronomical Observatory-
Introducing SUBARU telescope with lots of pictures. Furthermore, there're movie clipse of total solar eclipse and Australian night skies.

(Added: 08/17/01))

The Astronomy Page
Learn about astronomy, cosmology, and physics in a way that you are able to understand!

(Added: 02/28/07))

The Astronomy Store
Astronomy books, software, calendars, posters, prints, space telescope posters, etc. Astronomy news

(Added: 08/23/05))

The Sky Guide
Info on Telescopes, beginner info, the sky tonight, books and more!

(Added: 12/27/00))

The Spectra Sundial
A unique rainbow sundial that produces brilliant beams of color as it accurately marks the passing hours. Custom made for each location. Add an inscription or date line to celebrate a special occasion, or give them a sundial gift certificate and let them have it made their way.

(Added: 12/23/02))

Universe Guide
Site dedicated to everything to do with the Universe, both Factual ( Planets, Stars, Black Holes, Others ) and Fictional ( Star Wars, Trek, Farscape and others )

(Added: 07/18/08))

Unofficial Space: Discovery Online
Meet the people and examine the issues behind space exploration and astronomical discoveries with these lively stories. Past features have introduced us to Mir crew members and discussed the ownership of space resources.

(Added: 12/28/00))

Velocitees Inc.
Size Does Matter! Do it All Night Long! These are a few of the many t-shirts, boxers, etc. that VELOCITEES produces for astronomy enthusiasts!

(Added: 09/18/01))

Willie's Astronomy
Amateur astronomy, including history, software and pictures. Telescope making, including an automated satellite tracking mount. Satellite Tracking, including software. Masses of similar links.

(Added: 01/15/01))

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