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Images From The Night Sky
Deep Sky CCD Images in spectacular color from ARGO Observatory.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Light from the Dar
Amateur astronomical and digital images of the Rosette nebula, the Leonid meteor shower, planets, and moons.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Ultimate Resource For Eclipse Photography.

(Added: 12/26/00))

A poorman's guide to astronomical photography using a 35mm camera.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Ronald Zincone Photography
Astrophotography by award-winning Rhode Island-based photographer Ronald Zincone. The artist has been pursuing night-sky photography for 10 years and resides in Richmond, RI.

(Added: 12/23/08))

Sentry Solutions, Ltd
There are many good lubes that can be used on the gears of your telescope. Cleanliness prior to lubricating is very important. Dirt or foreign particles can lead to premature gear wear and problems in guiding.

(Added: 07/18/08))

Starmatt Astrophotography
Gallery of astrophotographs of celestial objects in deep space. These images are exposed at dark-sky locations, using medium format cameras and highly tuned telescopes & techniques.

(Added: 12/28/02))

Tripod Astrophotography - A Beginners Guide
A beginners guide to astrophotography of the night sky using a 35mm SLR camera and tripod. Including tips, techniques and equipment for the beginner.

(Added: 12/27/00))

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