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Comets, Meteors & Asteroids

Sky & Telescope's Asteroids Page
Several articles on searching for and exploring asteroids provided by S&T.

(Added: 12/27/00))

Sky & Telescope's Comet Page
Here you'll find information about bright comets currently of interest to amateur astronomers. Remarkably, Comet Hale-Bopp, the Great Comet of 1997, followed hot on the heels of Comet Hyakutake, the Great Comet of 1996.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Sky & Telescope's Meteor Page
Here are brief descriptions of three of the year's best meteor showers. Look for further information in future issues of Sky & Telescope or right here on the magazine's Web site.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Small Comets
Images produced by cameras on NASA's Polar spacecraft have confirmed that Earth is being pelted by thousands of small comets each day.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Real Threat of Asteroids
Sometime with in the next century there is a chance of getting hit by an asteroid.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Comets
Learn about comets.

(Added: 12/26/00))

The Leonids, Live!
Science news and live webcasts of the Leonids meteor shower.

(Added: 12/26/00))

Universe Guide
Site dedicated to everything to do with the Universe, both Factual ( Planets, Stars, Comets, Others ) and Fictional ( Star Wars, Trek, Farscape and others )

(Added: 07/18/08))

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